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Our Organization

What We Do

BioScholars enhances the learning experience of biology students at UC San Diego by providing exclusive access to events, workshops, and conferences. Centered around a community of like-minded, driven, and exceptional individuals, BioScholars provides the framework for a truly elevated learning experience.

BioScholars is an organization under the UCSD Division of Biological Sciences, and is only open to students with a declared major in the Division of Biological Sciences.

Mission Statement

The BioScholars program is designed to give students majoring in the Biological Sciences the opportunity to pursue their interests as part of a smaller community of scholars. The program connects students to the resources of a large university but also provides an intimate collegiate atmosphere where students work closely with peers and professors in small group settings, research laboratories, special programs and activities. BioScholars also offers the chance to create and implement programs that uphold our ideals of Excellence, Integrity, and Service. Leadership opportunities are available and encouraged for interested undergraduates.

Our Goals

BioScholars is a learning community dedicated to providing undergraduate students:

  • Support for student transition to UC San Diego and the Division of Biological Sciences
  • Exploration of issues and opportunities in the sciences and professions
  • Understanding of the diversity of UC San Diego and the field of science
  • Opportunities to enhance leadership skills
  • Guidance to resources to assist students on their science journey
  • Preparation for academic and career goals

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